Mohamed Nasrin


Saeed Hosaen Al-Taqi serves as our head of bond underwriters and has extensive financial services experience in the UAE. Saeed Hosaen Al-Taqi has held several Investment, Organisational and Development positions as well. He also has 20 years of solid strategic and tactical know-how in aviation and financial services industry at various capacities with broad array of exposure in managing different functions and large team of professionals in organizations which expect high-standard quality of deliverable.

  • Years of experience:16
  • Hometown:Abu Dhabi
  • Contract signed:97
  • Available for work:yes


Other Executives

Abdul-Fadi Rahim

Vice Chairman

With over 20 years of experience in insurance business.

Sheikh Hussein Asadullah

Chief Executive Officer

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Mohamed Nasrin

Head underwriting department

With over 16 years of experience in insurance business.