We love the Christmas season here in the mission

Well I love you all and I hope everyone is well

But they all came. Because we have been obedient God is on our side and we can’t lose. Our testimony meeting was ridiculous. It went till when our church starts at 9:00. One guy said over the pulpit that without Jesus we are all screwed. It was crazy. We had a good dinner with some members after tracting for a little while. Then we enjoyed the great Christmas Devotional by the First Presidency. It really was awesome. After the Devotional we had a good zone meeting to set a weekly focus. mamba ua We committed everyone companionship to have an investigator with a baptismal date by the end of the week. We have four in our ward so things are going great.

So that was good. Things have been going real good lately. It was a rough week but it was real good too. Usually I am dying for a Pday but I didn’t even think about it. We are just going day by day and working our hardest and being obedient and it’s awesome. My mission has never been better. We are seeing so many miracles and we are always happy. Oh yeah mom I ran out of Claritin and man is it expensive. I bought a 15 pack to get me through but could you send me some more. It doesn’t have to be in a big package just send it in a little one, cuz I need it fast. I almost got sick with out.

I probably am addicted to the nasal spray. I have to have it, but it works. So yeah things are good. Mom I already told you. Elder Jones can’t marry Hayley cuz I love his sister. That would just be weird. So I really don’t want to send the Christmas card to that many people. I want to send it to some old converts in the mission and some of my friends so ilies in the ward. The Halms, the Schmids, The Allreds, Reidheads, Packers, Bishop Petremallo, Bishop Hitchcock, Threets, Campbells, Bullochs, Frosts, Thomas family, grandma Ray and Ilene, Wilyerds, Bret Church they liked it last year. So yeah. It shouldn’t be too much. I think its like 50 cents a card so maybe like 50 dollars would cover it.

Well I love you dad

Idk. But we are thinking of a good card. Speaking of Christmas. I really miss seeing that big huge tree up in the house. No one I have met here in Sacto has had a tree as big as ours. I was wishing for a unique Christmas gift of a picture, with everyone in the family even Jeff and Candice cuz I only have one picture with them in it all standing in front of the big tree. That would bring lots of old Christmas feelings back of warmth and joy.

Dad it was great to read your email today. I loved it. I don’t think about everyone in the family every day but I don’t think a day has gone by that I haven’t thought of my mom and dad and the many things they have taught me. I remembered a quote you told me while mowing the yard one day. I used it in a lesson the other day and it was great. You told me “Inch by Inch life is a Cinch, but Mile by Mile it will take you awhile”. It’s true especially in missionary work. Things are amazing here. We are seeing so many miracles. I have been striving so hard to be obedient in every way I can and I feel like since I have been, God has been helping me grow so much. I feel like in the past couple of months my Testimony has grown more than it has at any one time in my mission. Thanks for the email.

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