This woman is matched with Rarity within the speedskating part of the newest Tri-Cross Relay, conquering Warm Flare and you will Lemon Zest

Equestria Girls: Relationship Game

Pinkie Pie seems once more in my own Little Horse Equestria Ladies: Friendship Video game, competing on the online game facing Crystal Preparing Academy as part of Canterlot High’s Wondercolts class. She gets involved throughout the Instructional Decathlon, effective the brand new baking tournament shortly after starting a replica of your Mona Lisa to the a big cake.

Pinkie Pie ‘s the first of her loved ones to discover one to new Twilight Sparkle it fulfill for the Friendship Game are out-of the human being community and not Equestria. She facilitate break the ice ranging from Canterlot Senior school and you may Crystal Preparing Academy of the livening up the school’s demanding inviting group. The lady happiness during the seeing the 2 competitor universities mingling reasons her to horse right up, but this lady secret is unknowingly drained of the Twilight’s magic-discovering device. She after regains the girl secret in order to enable Sundown Shimmer and you can return Twilight to normal shortly after she turns to your Midnight Sparkle.

Friendship Games mobile shorts

Throughout the Technology from Miracle, Sunset studies observe how wonders operates on the human globe. After Pinkie begins drumming, she horses up-and factors balloons of different shapes and colors in order to shoot-out out of this lady musical instrument package. The latest balloons cause Sundown to have a static power reaction. In the Pinkie Spy, Pinkie Cake usually ruins Rainbow’s initiatives away from not seen whenever prying on Crystal Planning Academy’s sporting events class. Pinkie and additionally can make a brief cameo at the beginning of All’s Reasonable crazy & Friendship Video game skipping from college or university access.

Equestria Girls: Legend regarding Everfree

On the next Equestria Lady flick, Pinkie Pie goes with her family members and friends in order to Go camping Everfree, where she expresses a need to engorge herself with the p Everfree, she is combined with Rareness regarding the Emerald Tent. Whenever you are within go camping, Pinkie Pie’s magic passes through a remarkable change, and you will she grows the capability to create as well as pleasing stuff explode together with her real contact.

On flick, Pinkie assists their other Wondercolts generate an alternative pier getting Camp Everfree as an element of its “current having future campers”. Whenever camp manager Gloriosa Daisy was ate by the Equestrian wonders and you will Twilight Sparkle triumphs over her anxieties regarding Midnight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie assists their members of the family beat Gloriosa. She including assists for the rescuing Camp Everfree out-of closure by the tossing a crystal Basketball fundraiser.

When Sundown Shimmer’s the fresh magic performance let her discover Pinkie Pie’s attention, the woman thoughts are found to get a surreal, colourful landscaping produced from sweet snacks and filled by the several strange emails.

Equestria Women: Dancing Magic

Regarding half of-time special Dance Wonders, Pinkie Pie support the woman loved ones improve money in order to agent Everfree. When Rarity’s idea to possess an audio video clips is duplicated from the Shadowbolts, Pinkie turns up towards the the concept of and also make an effective cheesy space-inspired musical video. She as well as participates the brand new Dance Secret sounds video close the conclusion the fresh new special.

Equestria People: Movie Miracle

Regarding the half of-hour unique Motion picture Magic, Pinkie comes with the woman family members for the group of new Daring Perform movie, trying to get the movie studio’s mythical “cupcake water fountain”. This woman is including briefly mistaken for an actress on “Energy Ponies” film, shed due to the fact Fili-Next, and you may she gets to see the in for their favorite movie, Stormy having a side of Dessert. Eventually, Pinkie support introduce Juniper Montage’s thievery and you will deception, and you may she’s cast given that an extra about Adventurous Create flick.

Equestria Female: Echo Magic

About 50 % of-hr unique Reflect Miracle, Pinkie gets involved along with her relatives into the limbo whenever Juniper Montage acquires a hand reflect enchanted that have Equestrian magic. When Starlight Glimmer work from inside the persuading Juniper to allow them out, Pinkie and rest of this lady relatives forgive and undertake Juniper as a separate pal, Pinkie jokingly remarking they are “a rather forgiving class”.

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