Our life insurance products are some of the most flexible in the market. Our qualified actuaries will ensure that you receive competitive premium rates and extended conditions to give you peace of mind.

Individual Term Insurance
Is an annual policy, during which our customers are covered against a fixed amount that will be paid in case of death or disability. This policy is renewable, subject to revised rates at each anniversary.

Individual Level Term Insurance
Is an insurance policy where you can choose the time period, from 5 to 20 years (up to the attained age of 65), during which the premium rate is fixed and you will be covered against fixed amount that will be paid only in case of death. This policy does not give the policy holder any cash value and the holder cannot borrow against this policy. Additional cover for certain life circumstances can also be arranged.

Individual Decreasing Term Insurance
Is an insurance policy designed to protect the insured especially during the early years. The insured amount and premium decrease with each passing year.