Whether you are an SME or a large corporation, we have the right group medical insurance solutions for you.

We have developed a customizable insurance policy to serve corporates with more than 100 members. These tailor made plans ensure that you and your employees have the optimum medical cover within the UAE and abroad, and offer flexibility to fit with your business and employees’ needs.

For corporates with less than 100 members, we offer our tiered medical insurance; Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. The four-tiered program has been designed to simplify the application process and to ensure that the needs of our corporate clients are best served.

A minimum of ten employees is needed in order to qualify for our group medical insurance products.

Our value-added benefits:
Our range of value-added features has been carefully selected to give your business more control and convenience in every possible aspect. Some of the features include:

Preset rates for groups with less than 100 members, with an immediate quote generated by a customer service representative
Pre-existing and chronic medical conditions covered up to the annual limit
Maternity cover up to the annual limit with no waiting period
Medical expenses due to work related injuries and illness covered
No minimum number of members required to move to a different product level
Annual limit up to AED 5 Million (Platinum)
Optional dental and optical covers
In groups with more than 25 members, underwriting waiver for individuals older than 60 years or younger than 6 months

Group Medical Insurance
The “Shifa” option allows your company to enjoy all of the benefits of our group medical product and also gives you access to the global provider network of our partner, MSH International.