We acknowledge our responsibility to our shareholders, employees, partners and customers in the UAE and across the globe. We firmly believe that good corporate governance helps to achieve management commitment to delivering value to shareholders, through setting and achieving appropriate strategic business objectives. Good governance provides an appropriate framework for the Board, its committees, and the leadership of our company to proactively and efficiently represent the interests of the company, clients and our shareholders.

We are committed to maintaining high levels of transparency and accountability in our management practices. We believe that we have a responsibility towards our shareholders and the broader community. We have implemented a number of measures in order to comply with legal and ethical responsibilities. Corporate governance is engrained in all that we do.

ABU DHABI COMMERCIAL INSURANCE has four permanent Board-Level Committees to assist in executing the functions and duties of the Board.

Below are the Committees:

Audit Committee
Nomination & Remuneration Committee
Bond & Investment Committee
Risk Management Committee